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Some cool ebay store items for sale, $9.99 Metal T-Shirts

This is a list of the t-shirts that we have up on ebay starting at $9.99, get them quick, because these prices are not going to stay at $9.99 for very long.

Amon Amarth T-Shirt
Carpathian Forest “Logo” T-Shirt
Deicide Serpents of The Light T-Shirt
Deicide Medallion T-Shirt
Finntroll Band T-Shirt
Immortal Sons Of The Northern Darkness T-Shirt
Dimmu Borgir In Sorte Diaboli Black Metal T-Shirt
Immortal Damned In Black Black Metal T-shirt

these are mainly death metal/black metal band t-shirts for now, but we hope to put up some more mainstream stuff not only on our store but on ebay as well, cos quite frankly, death and black metallers are a dying breed.