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Woohoo! Just ordered the JHS Pedals NOTAKLON pedal, and my order number is 13000+ so I’ll be getting it by March maybe.

Thank you for your purchase!

You will receive tracking information once your order has been shipped!


Orders between 1001-3800 (approximately), you are within the first 3000 and should be receiving your order within 1-2 weeks or sooner!

Orders between 3800-6800 (approximately), your order is on Pre-Order status and is expected to ship in mid-to-late December, potentially into early January.

Orders between 6800-11000 (approximately), your order is on Pre-Order status and is expected to ship by mid January, potentially into February.

Orders numbered 11000+ (approximately), your order is on Pre-Order status and is expected to ship by early-to-mid February, potenitially into late February.

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Exciting News: Grand Re-Opening of Our Online Metal T-Shirt Store!

We’re thrilled to announce the triumphant return of the most epic online destination for metal t-shirts –! After a short hiatus, we’re back with a bang, ready to rock your wardrobes once again with the most iconic and badass metal designs. While we don’t have our in-house merchandise available just yet, we’re taking a new approach to keep the metal spirit alive!

What’s New?

For the time being, we’re shifting gears a bit to ensure you still get your hands on awesome metal-related products. We’ve partnered up with Amazon’s Affiliate program to offer you a curated selection of killer metal products from around the web. From vintage band posters and accessories to rockin’ apparel and more, you’ll find a wide range of items that pay homage to the metal genre we all love.

Stay Tuned!

We’ll be keeping you updated regularly on our progress. Our team is working tirelessly to create unique designs that encapsulate the raw energy and passion of metal music. Expect jaw-dropping visuals, intricate details, and a range that caters to all your metal preferences.

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Iron Maiden Trooper Beer Is Here!

Wow, Iron Maiden has finally introduced their very own brand of beer, appropriately named: “Trooper Beer”! Can’t wait to try it out, hopefully it will be available in the USA. Many equally awesome metal bands have released their very own brews: Motorhead, with their own Bastard Lager Beer and AC-DC with their own German beer. who else?